How do I know I am psychic?

Imagine an upside down glacier. At the bottom, the tip, is each of us. God-sparks in meatball suits. Attending Earth school. Navigating 3-D and its veil of forgetting.

But most of our Soul's expression exists beyond our bodies and this planet. Most of “us” exists in spirit, beyond time and space.


Because we’re multi-dimensional beings, we’re HARD-WIRED for multi-dimensional connection!
And honestly? You're more open than most. I know this 'cause you're here with me! 

So, here are some tips to get you started OR blossom what's already open...

1) Identify your primary sense of intuition: 
Knowing (Claircognizant); Seeing (Clairvoyant); Hearing (Clairaudient); Emotional Feeling (Clairempathic); and Physical Feeling (Clairsentient). 
Which is most natural to you?
For me, I'm visual. I was born clairvoyant. I see colors, lights, movie clips and beings. Color profoundly effects my mood. I visually notice synchronicites in daily life. 
My friend hears. She’s clairaudient. She’s always been a singer. Loves music. Hears spirit. Naturally notices through songs, TV and others’ conversations.

2) Start here. Develop this first. THIS sense is most natural to you. It’s your low-hanging fruit!

3) Keep a running journal. That’s easily accessible… and electronic. Why? Because it’s awesome to key-word search! Years later, you’ll be pumped you did. Mine are in iPhone Notes. 

4) Start CODE-BUILDING! Spot the patterns. Everything is God, so everything's synchronicity! State intentions for even quicker results. The MOMENT you do, the Universe conspires in response!

5) Test stuff. Question stuff. Ask for more clarity. DON'T BE SHY! Your primary guides are expanded versions of... YOU! There's nothing but Love!
I’d been seeing an Angelic entity upon waking. Thought it was Ariel. I said, “if yes, please show me a golden rose before bed tonight.” 
Later, my son asked for help with a game. With choosing three words. First two he chose? GOLDEN and ROSE.

6) When this sense feels well-explored, either allow yourself to be nudged towards the next sense OR repeat step 1. 
When one sense disappears, it’s often because we’re being guided to evolve another way.

7) Keep curious, light-hearted, flexible and in wonderment. 
Maybe you’d “prefer” another primary intuition. Or you want certain info via a certain way...
For me? The tighter I clutch, the less I intuit. As with everything, it seems, RELAX AND ALLOW is key!

13 Noticings from my Near-Death


1) Death is untrue. Like the kid in The Matrix said, “there is no spoon.” We are not our bodies. Our bodies are our tools. We are God sparks, wearing magical meatball suits. 

2) Being out of body is fill-in-the-blank. Your mindset creates the tone and magnetizes where you go. 

3) The human ego is crazy strong. I stayed afraid the whole time – terrified God wouldn’t “believe” I wanted to stay on Earth. I started pulling myself back to my body, along my silver cord, to prove I did!

4) God is sentient and non-sentient. God's presence is too pure to be anything less.

5) God feels like Freedom, most of all.

6) God's Love exists immovably. God is made of Light and Love. God can't "be" any other way.

7) I could've just murdered someone. God would've received me in Light and Love, just the same. 

8)I was wholly loved. Just like you. No matter who you are. No matter what you’ve done. No. Matter. What.

9) There is no sin. There are no rules. No good or bad. No right or wrong.

10) There is no separation. All is One. If I'm on the toilet, I'm praying. But that's me.

11) There are no gatekeepers. No middlemen needed. All rituals accepted. 

12) YOU are the best at discerning your truth. YOU are your own best guru!

13) Like Wayne Dyer said, you’ll never get apple juice from an orange. God Is everything. Every pebble, every galaxy. Every you, every me. We ARE God – briefly embodied and briefly unaware – and this Truth is our skeleton key to everything!

Spiritual Closet

Born Clairvoyant

I was born clairvoyant – but lived 40 years in the spiritual closet. 

I had a Near-Death Experience in 2017, thanks to Chronic Lyme. It changed my life.

I’m not religious. I don’t like rules. I say “God” out of habit and honor all names the same…

I traveled like a blade, straight to God, the night I nearly died. I experienced God as BEING Love and Light… and feeling like FREEDOM. 

God knew me like a best friend. I was wholly loved, just like you.

YOU. No matter what you’ve done. No. Matter. What.

Here’s my offering. It might sound shocking...

You ARE God.

That’s right. You are a God spark – briefly embodied and briefly unaware. 

I’m here to help you remember. 

That’s why I designed my signature program, Ignite Your Light: 90 Days to a Divinely Inspired Life. 

Imagine mastering your intuition. Knowing your purpose. Loving your quirks. Even rewriting your past… 

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